A World of His Own, Vol 1

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Dean Miller was just your average, everyday guy who had never been especially lucky with women. But one fateful day, he awoke with the power to reshape reality at his whim...it's just a shame he didn't know it! Now, it seems like everywhere he goes, ordinary women are sprouting up into sex-starved Amazonian bombshells! What's a guy to do?

Features Amazons/mini-giantess, breast expansion, butt expansion, increased beauty, mental transformation, reality change, M/F and F/F sex. Contains DOC, EPUB, and PDF formats. Appx 6000 words.

Volume 1: Shop S-Mart!

On a trip to a local grocery store, Dean runs into Samantha, a girl he knew back in high school. She hasn't changed much from the short, vaguely cute girl next door...but she's about to! And did she always have a twin sister?


It took all of Dean's willpower to slide along the shelf away from Samantha, putting distance between himself and the enormous bombshell. He was shocked to see she was even bigger than she had been when she pinned him to the shelf--she was definitely at least a foot taller than him now, and though her S-Mart shirt and khakis seemed to have mysteriously changed size to keep up, they could do nothing to hide her voluptuous hourglass figure, each of her breasts bigger than his head and roughly at eye level, her wide hips and firm ass taking up more than half of the space between the shelves.

Dean gulped nervously. He didn't think he could get past her to escape now, not if she didn't want him to. His only option was to keep backing away and trying to talk some sense into her. He was trapped by a sexually ravenous and impossibly gorgeous Amazon who wanted nothing more than to fuck his brains out. Under other circumstances, he might have been thrilled, but something was clearly wrong with her.

"Samantha, please," he said, holding up his hands defensively. "I think you need to get some help." She grinned wickedly and took another step toward him. He backed up again…and bumped into something solid. He didn't remember seeing another shelf here…

"You know what, Dean? I agree. I think a little help is exactly what I need," Samantha said.

"Who are you calling little?" came a voice from behind and above Dean's head.

He gulped nervously again, realizing that whatever was behind him didn't exactly feel like a shelf. It was warm, slightly yielding, and gave off the same pleasant aroma as Samantha did. He tilted his head back and lifted his eyes, finding his vision blocked by a pair of large blue spheres. He stepped forward slightly and whirled around, finding himself staring at Samantha. Puzzled, he glanced behind him and saw that Samantha was still there, as well. "What…how…who…huh?" Dean stammered.

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