A World of His Own, Vol 2

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Dean Miller was just your average, everyday guy who had never been especially lucky with women. But one fateful day, he awoke with the power to reshape reality at his whim...it's just a shame he didn't know it! Now, it seems like everywhere he goes, ordinary women are sprouting up into sex-starved Amazonian bombshells! What's a guy to do?

Features Amazons/mini-giantess, breast expansion, butt expansion, increased beauty, mental transformation, reality change, M/F and F/F sex. Contains DOC, EPUB, and PDF formats. Appx 7000 words.

Volume 2: Spring Break Sisters Dean's looking to relax at an all-inclusive vacation resort, but when a group of sorority girls on spring break arrive, he's worried that they'll ruin his good time. Of course, that's before he realizes how sexy they are...or that they all seem to be interested in some "extracurricular activities" with him!


The newcomer was Asian, and she was six feet tall if she was an inch. Her long, dark hair was a silky curtain that framed her heart-shaped face perfectly. Her hazel eyes seemed to shine as she looked around the club, and she gave the bouncer a thousand-watt smile. She wore a little black dress that technically covered her adequately, but at the same time it clung to her generous breasts and hips so tightly that nothing was left to the imagination. Her long, slender legs were wrapped in strappy sandals from about halfway down her shins, and Dean was surprised to see that she was wearing flats rather than heels, meaning she actually was as tall as she appeared. As she moved further into the room, however, his attention was drawn to the woman entering after her--a strawberry blonde girl who was slightly taller and had equally lovely feminine curves. Behind her, he could see another girl of similar stature and beauty waiting. One after another, a string of towering, voluptuous knockouts walked into the club.

Jesus. Is there an Amazon convention in town? Not one of the girls was shorter than six feet, and a few looked like they might top seven. A Hispanic girl who was practically busting out of a pastel blue halter top and a short black skirt looked vaguely familiar to Dean, but he couldn't think why. He tried to place her, but the line of seven or eight breathtaking women standing near her was making it tough for him to think straight. However, one last girl walked through the door, and he got a sudden shock of recognition.

Red. The stunning, flirtatious sorority sister from beside the pool made her entrance. She had to duck to get under the door. Christ, she must be about eight feet tall! There's no way she was that big earlier... "Big" was truly the word to describe everything about her. Her coppery tresses had a volume and shimmer that seemed to surround her in a blazing aura. Her big blue eyes sparkled so brightly that they appeared to glow. Full, plump lips, accentuated with vivid red lipstick, curled upward in a mischievous smile. Narrow cords of toned muscle flexed under the tanned skin of her long arms as she pulled her purse off of her shoulder, rummaging in it for something. Her tits were incredible--they were probably bigger than her head, yet they defied gravity, standing perkily out from her chest. Below her impressive breasts, her trunk narrowed to a slender waist before flaring back out to her ample hips and firm, round ass. Now there's an hourglass I'd set my watch by, Dean thought. She wore a strapless, glittery red dress that covered most of her boobs (while revealing a generous display of cleavage you could swipe a card through) and fell to her knees, though there was a daring slit all the way up her right thigh. When she moved, the slit opened, and Dean could see what looked like miles of leg. She was also wearing black stiletto heels that added to her height and lifted her butt, not that she needed much help in either area. Something about her gave Dean a sense of deja vu, and after a moment, he realized what it was. She looks like Jessica Rabbit...if Jessica was a real person and about ten times hotter. She radiated sexual energy so strongly that it was practically visible.

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