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Small Print, Vol. 1 (signed paperback)

Ten "short" stories of sexy shenanigans shrunken down into one compact volume!

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USD 15.00

Sexy size games abound in this collection from Cezar Nix! This group of ten sensual tales is sure to please lovers of shrinking woman erotica with after-hours shenanigans in a toy shop, two nosy reporters getting their comeuppance (come-down-ance?), a long hot weekend with five female friends, a wild game of truth or dare, and more! More than $30 worth of content!

This paperback comes signed - be sure to mention who you'd like it made out to and what you want Cezar to say! :) Price includes shipping.

This anthology includes:
Penny's Game
Shrinking on the Job
Cabin Fever
And the Tiny Goes To...
Big Bang Stories: Money Shot
Small Wonders
Two Birds in a Gilded Cage
Interview with a Giantess
Life Imitates Art
A Few Small Suggestions

Appx 400 pages. Contains a frankly ridiculous amount of shrinking, process, shrinking out of clothes, shrunken women of various sizes, M/f, F/f, f/f, role reversal, humiliation, nudity, embarrassment, D/s, growth, breast expansion, and other fun stuff!