Cabin Fever

A three-day weekend retreat at a remote cabin sounds like just the thing for Vicky, Cassie, Luci, Linda, and Alyssa. They can't wait to relax and enjoy the woods, the lake, and the hot tub. Things change, however, when one of them starts to shrink--and when the symptoms start spreading to the other girls, their weekend takes a turn for the wild! Includes shrinking out of clothes, miniGTS, F/f, f/f, and other fun stuff. ^_^ Also includes a bonus deleted scene and alternate cover image!

Appx 40,000 words. DOC, PDF and EPUB.


Half an hour later, Linda sat on the bed in Alyssa's room while Alyssa worked at her computer. Her feet didn't touch the floor, but since they'd determined she was presently 4'4", that wasn't particularly surprising. She was also down to about 70 pounds, nearly half of her usual weight. Alyssa had tried to explain to her about height vs. volume, but Linda had waved her off. The shrunken brunette had changed into a faded blue tee and white shorts borrowed from Lucia, which stayed on through some more judicious use of pins and clips. Bras were a lost cause at this point, though: all of hers were so big that even pinning them wouldn't help, and if they tried to adjust Lucia's to fit, her B-cup bras simply wouldn't sit right on Linda's (proportionately) much larger chest.
Alyssa finished entering her own measurements. She presently topped out at 4'10" and weighed 103 pounds, significantly down from her usual 150. In addition, both of them were definitely running a fever--Linda was a little over 101 degrees, and Alyssa was about a half-degree lower. She had also borrowed clothes from Lucia--a simple white tank top, green sweatpants, and silky black panties--although like Linda she'd been unable to make one of Lucia's bras comfortable. Alyssa was dismayed at the idea that she too was smaller than the formerly shortest girl amongst them. She turned to face Linda, who was idly swinging her bare feet back and forth while playing a game on her smartphone. She didn't seem to be enjoying it--likely because the phone felt much larger than she'd be used to. "Well, I've got the screener checking our blood samples for anything that shouldn't be there. It'll probably take at least a few hours to finish up. Since you think we're still shrinking..." she trailed off, flicking her eyes over Linda's body. Was she just imagining things, or did the pinned-back borrowed clothes look slightly larger on Linda? Shaking her head and hoping she was just being paranoid, Alyssa continued. "Um. Sorry. Got distracted. Anyway, since you think we're still shrinking, we should measure our heights again every half-hour or hour, so we can check the rate." She frowned. "It's too bad I don't have data from earlier. We might already be able to calculate it if we knew your height at various times over the past 24 hours."
"Gee, I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was shrinking sooner," Linda said flatly, tossing the phone down onto the mattress. "Next time something impossible is happening to me, I'll come to you first."
"Hey, you said you figured it out last night before you even went to bed, smartass," Alyssa retorted. "If you'd told me then, I might have more data now." Alyssa didn't say it aloud, but she mentally added that she might have been that much closer to stopping her own shrinkage.
Linda hung her head, chastised. "You're right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be a bitch."
"It's okay. I understand you're really worried."
"And still really horny," Linda said, chewing on her lip. "It's like the more I shrink, the more turned on I get. I'm surprised it hasn't affected you."
"Um. I wouldn't say that, exactly," Alyssa replied. "I mean, I wasn't out there jilling off to a Jacuzzi jet, but I've definitely been feeling a bit...amped up today."
"Very funny." Linda stuck her tongue out at the scientist. "Do you think there's a connection?"
"I don't see how there couldn't be," Alyssa said. "I mean, I have a healthy sexual appetite, and I'm assuming you do too, but unless you normally hump recreational equipment, it seems we're both in overdrive." A thought suddenly struck her. "That reminds me...have you been getting these weird tingles sometimes, like when you cough or sneeze?"
"Well, I haven't done much of either in hours," Linda replied. "I think my sinuses are clearing up, although not this damn fever. But yeah, now that you mention it, I was." She smirked. "Heh. After a while they started to feel kinda good. Now I'm wondering if that was jump-starting my sex drive."
"I've been having the same issue," Alyssa said. "And yeah, mine started to feel good too. Obviously there must be a connection between that and the shrinking. I wonder if--ACHOO!" Her sneeze was accompanied by another of those strange waves, this time with a more noticeable feeling of pleasure. "Ooh. Yeah, definitely some good vibrations going on there." She noticed Linda was openly staring at her. "What?"
"I...I think I just saw you shrink," Linda said. "It was really subtle, but right when you sneezed it looked like you kinda shifted position in the chair, and your clothes looked like they moved a little bit." She stood up from the bed and walked slowly over to Alyssa's chair, her eyes flicking up and down over the scientist. "That was bizarre," Linda said quietly, scrutinizing Alyssa with intensity.
"So we, uh, shrink when that happens, then." Though she was facing the computer, Alyssa was acutely aware of how close Linda was standing. She was also aware of how warm she felt, and how the odd tingling had brought her arousal back up. Her nipples were erect, and without a bra they were rubbing against the thin fabric of the tank top, a pleasant but terribly distracting sensation. She bit her lip nervously, trying to stay focused on the problem at hand. "I-I wonder what the connection is, though? If we were only shrinking when we felt...that...then we'd have n-noticed losing that much size at once..." She started to enter the information into her notes on the computer, but she kept mistyping and losing focus. "I...I can't figure this out. I'm too distracted." Realizing what she'd said a moment later, she added, "Uh, by our predicament, I mean."
"Let me look at your notes. Maybe a fresh set of eyes will help." Linda leaned in, her little hand resting on Alyssa's bare shoulder as she peered at the screen. The heat from the contact elicited an involuntary sound from Alyssa--not quite a moan, but definitely a happy noise. "Alyssa, are you okay?" Linda said, turning the chair so Alyssa faced her. Since Alyssa was seated and Linda was standing, Alyssa's eye level was only slightly above the smaller girl's. "You feel really hot."
"I...I'm..." Before either of them knew what she was doing or could stop her, Alyssa put her hand around the back of Linda's neck and quickly pulled her in close, kissing her passionately. She let go after a blissful few moments, separating from Linda and leaning back. Both of them were breathing heavily. Alyssa couldn't help but notice two little points sticking up under Linda's blue t-shirt. "B-Linda, I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. I'm just--"
She got no further, as Linda leaned in for a second kiss, pressing her lips firmly against Alyssa's. Both women let out contented moans as their lips parted, Alyssa's tongue entwining with Linda's smaller one. Even though the shorter woman was bent over the chair, her large breasts under the t-shirt rubbed against Alyssa's own generous chest, little electric shocks of pleasure shooting up from her stiff nipples. Alyssa automatically lifted her hands to cup Linda's tits, squeezing the hard little points through the fabric. She was rewarded with a high-pitched yelp of surprised joy and a deepening of the kiss, as well as Linda's own smaller hands toying with Alyssa's erect nubs through her tank top. One of Linda's hands left Alyssa's tit after a few moments, tracing its way down her belly to rub against the crotch of the sweatpants. Alyssa moaned loudly at the contact and put one hand behind Linda's head, twisting her fingers through Linda's brown hair and pulling her even closer.
After what felt like a breathless eternity, the two women parted lips, Alyssa playfully nipping at Linda's lip before pulling back. She continued to hold Linda's head close to her own, their foreheads pressed together and their panting mouths only inches apart. Alyssa's brown eyes locked onto Linda's dazzling green orbs. "I don't know about you," Alyssa said between heavy breaths, "but I could use a good fucking."
"That makes two of us," Linda said with a smile. She leaned away from Alyssa, gently sliding her head out of the larger woman's grip. When she stood to her full height, their eyes were briefly perfectly level. That changed when Linda took her hand, pulling her arm to urge her out of the chair--not that Alyssa needed much encouragement.
As Alyssa stood, she estimated that Linda's head now came up to roughly the height of her lips--the gap between them had narrowed somewhat. She followed Linda's lead across the floor to the bed, the sweatpants slowly, ever so slowly trickling down her hips, falling to the floor just before she reached the mattress. It didn't bother her at all to be losing her pants this time.
Linda turned around and put her back to the bed so that she was facing Alyssa. Her eyes flashed when she glanced down and saw Alyssa's state of undress. "Told you I saw you shrink again," she said, teasingly licking her lips as she stared at Alyssa's curvaceous thighs. "But you know...I don't think you're the only one." She grinned up at Alyssa, coyly biting her lip as she swayed her hips side-to-side. The motion caused the borrowed shorts to shift out of place, sliding down just a bit lower with each swing of Linda's curves until they finally dropped off, plunging to the wooden floor and leaving her wearing lacy purple panties that had an obvious dark spot right in the center. "See? I shrank right out of my pants, too."

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