Small Wonders

It's closing time at Small Wonders, an old-fashioned toy store, and the owner, Kristina, is finishing up the evening chores with her employee Sophie. Their after-hours conversation takes a turn for the strange when Sophie claims that she was recently shrunk to the size of a toy for a fetish site's photo shoot. Kristina laughs off Sophie's story, but she's about to find out that truth is stranger than fiction...

This story contains process, shrinking out of clothes, shrinking to doll size, masturbation, F/f, and shrunken women exploring a toy store. Contains DOC, EPUB, and PDF formats as well as standalone cover image. Appx 11,000 words.


"I'll not get any work done like this," Kristina muttered to herself. "Maybe I just need to get it out of my system." Checking the text message she'd received from Sophie, she opened a browser window on her computer and typed in the address for Helsdottir. In moments, she was taken to an intro page. It had a photo of a woman in a sultry pose who was obviously naked, wearing what looked for all the world like a two-piece bikini made of three giant marshmallows. The page had a warning that there was adult content, and Kristina spent a moment admiring the picture before clicking the button marked "Yes, I'm 18."

The page that loaded next was equal parts professional photo gallery and porn site. Dozens of thumbnail images of scantily-clad or nude women were arranged in rows and columns. Under each one, a brief description alluded to the contents that could be found in that particular model's gallery. They all appeared to feature the theme of shrinking women: a busty blonde standing on a tabletop next to a wine glass and holding a cocktail napkin over her body; a slim, long-legged girl wrapped in what appeared to be cotton candy licking a lollipop that was nearly half her height; a nude brunette with her back to the camera, lying down on a remote control and staring at a nearby TV that was relatively as big as a movie screen, her legs crossed in the air behind her only partially covering her curvaceous ass; a grinning redhead wrapped up in a giant pair of panties lying next to a vibrator nearly as long as her body…

Near the top of the page was a thumbnail that looked oddly familiar; Kristina stared at it momentarily before realizing it was one of the pictures from Sophie's shoot. The young blonde looked to be about half her normal size, the elegant dress slipping down from her body. The text under the thumbnail read "UNDERDRESSED - See new girl Sophie experience the joys of shrinking for the first time." Telling herself she was just being curious (because the alternative was that she wanted another look at Sophie shrinking out of her clothing), Kristina clicked the thumbnail and was taken to a page with a larger version of the image, along with a short blurb about Sophie. There was a button that said "Want to see more? Join now!" and another one reading "Members - sign in." She clicked the sign in button and used the name and password Sophie gave her ("SmallSophie" and "want2shrink" respectively).

Once the login was accepted, Kristina was treated to an extensive gallery with large, high-resolution versions of the images Sophie had on her phone. Also, beneath the short blurb, a few paragraphs headlined "Sophie's Story" had appeared. Intrigued, Kristina started reading.

"I've always been fascinated by the idea of shrinking. Ever since I was a kid, I was oddly drawn to movies and TV shows where characters ended up shrunken. I couldn't have explained it at the time, but I think maybe it was the idea of seeing the world from such an amazingly different perspective that engaged my imagination. Of course, when I got older, thanks to the internet I thought of some other interesting possibilities of being small. I was introduced to Helsdottir through a friend of mine who's also into shrinking…

What was it like to shrink? It was amazing. Everything I'd ever dreamed of, and more. I'll admit I was skeptical when Didi said the magic words to me, but then I started to feel tingly. Before long, I could feel my clothes sliding down my body, and I could see everything slowly getting bigger around me…it was incredible. I don't know if it's part of the magic or if it was just me, but I got really turned on while I was shrinking, too. It was like I shrank but my sex drive stayed full-size. When I was down to about half my normal size, I couldn't resist anymore…I had to touch myself. Wrapped up in my growing dress and panties, I felt like I was in heaven. When I finally came, it just went on and on, and when it was over I was less than two feet tall."

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