Life Imitates Art

River "Rockette" Leigh is not having a good day.

She started out her day with a visit to E3, intending to shoot a video for her YouTube gaming channel and have fun at the convention. But after an accident involving motion-capture and experimental VR technology, she finds herself slowly transforming into the buxom, brawling bubblehead known as Shotgun Suzi--and shrinking down to the size of an action figure! Now, if she can't find a way to get back to normal, she might end up as the ultimate in handheld gaming...

This story contains shrinking process, shrinking out of clothes, transformation, mental change/bimbo elements, breast expansion, increased beauty, minor growth/Amazon transformation, masturbation, F/f, and M/f. Appx 25,000 words. Contains DOC, EPUB, and PDF formats. Based on an idea by Morgan Skye. Cover art by Mercutio.

Straining mightily, she hauled herself onto the countertop, having some difficulty on the way up with maneuvering her amplified assets past the edge. Soon, she was standing proudly atop the surface, albeit a bit out of breath. River turned to look into the mirror, immediately annoyed at the realization that even though she was standing on the counter, the top of her head was even with the top edge of the glass. "Oh em gee! How much did I shrink?" she whined.

Of course, not all of her was shrinking, as her reflection demonstrated. The woman who stared back at her from beyond the mirror was someone she barely recognized. "Oh em gee..." she whispered, taking in her altered shape. Her legs looked slightly longer and slimmer as they rose up to a bubble butt she hadn't had before. Her groin had a neatly trimmed, narrow strip of fine blonde hair in the middle; the surrounding area was shaved. Above her curvy cheeks and hips, her waist was narrower, and higher still, her exaggerated tits stuck out, jiggling faintly with every breath. Her lips looked slightly fuller, the strange black marks were still on her face, and her hair was now mostly blonde and pink, as if the green had faded even more in the past few minutes. Something even seemed off about her skin; it was almost like its color had changed subtly, though it was hard for her to pin down precisely what the difference was. If the girl in the glass hadn't been wearing her face and meeting her eyes, she'd never have believed it was her.

", what the hell?" River stammered, unnerved by the massive, unexplainable changes that had happened to her. She worried that they might even still be happening... "Like, is my head a little lower compared to the top of the mirror, or am I totally imagining it?" She decided that whether or not she had stopped transforming was less important than getting help. She needed a doctor, or a paramedic, or someone, and she needed them fast. "Like, I should get dressed first, though," she reminded herself. "Can't go out there totally naked."

She clambered down from the counter (her tits jiggling with every movement) and started digging through her discarded clothing, looking for something suitable to wear. She was able to gather up and knot the slack in the waistband of her panties, but her jeans wouldn't stay up no matter what she tried. The bra was useless--its straps wouldn't sit right on her shoulders and its cups were entirely the wrong size and shape to cover her expanded bust. She ultimately had to settle for just the panties and her shirt, which was big enough for her to wear like a short minidress. "Ugh. I feel so, like, skanky. I should try to find something that fits better. There's totally got to be something I can wear," she grumbled. There was the added problem of the shirt rubbing against her nipples, which seemed far more sensitive than usual; the sensations were driving her to distraction and making her feel warm and wet. It took conscious effort to ignore the fabric's caresses.

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