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15 Videos - SW, BE, and more!

A full collection of 15 size fetish videos at an incredible discount!

This collection primarily features shrinking women (including onscreen process and shrinking out of clothes), but it also has some other content, including BE, teasing, POV shrinking, masturbation, and even some F/f GTS content! 13 of these clips were previously offered on Clips4Sale, and two are never-before-seen unfinished test clips! Sold separately, these clips would cost over $100 - but this bundle can be yours for over 60% off!

Clips included:

Alexandra POV shrink/BE (nice version)

Alexandra POV shrink/BE (mean version)

Betty's Lab Stool Shrink

Betty Cum & Shrink

Drink to Shrink

Jane's New Boots

Jane's Wardrobe Malfunction

Jenna's Shrinking Daydream

Cheater's Karma (shrink/BE POV with Angelique Kithos)

Sleepytime Lotion Shrink

Smaller Than Me (Version 1)

Smaller Than Me (Version 2)

TEST CLIP - New method shrinking woman

TEST CLIP - Shrinking woman POV

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USD 34.99

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