Big Bang Stories, Vol 1 & 2

The Big Bang Stories are tales about the magical mayhem caused by cursed sex toys. Volumes 1 and 2 involve a bullet vibrator that gives women the "biggest" orgasm shrinking them to the size of toys!

Big Bang Stories Vol. 1 & 2

For the Big Bang Adult Novelties company, sex toys are a booming business. But things take a turn for the strange when their products begin causing magical mishaps!

Leigh was so excited to try out her new Big Bang Bullet vibrator, which guarantees the biggest 'O' of your life. She's about to find out the hard way just how big things can really be in volume 1, "Shot Through the Heart"!

Summer and Autumn want to put on a special show for their camgirl site, so they bring in a few sex toys and let the audience decide how they play. But when a bullet vibrator starts to shrink Autumn, can Summer stop it before her co-star dwindles to doll-size? Find out in volume 2, "Money Shot"!

This package includes a sequence of ten high-res color pages, ten B&W line art pages, bonus sketch pages, a sexy alternate view of Leigh, and a 5000-word story. Contains shrinking process, shrinking out of clothes, masturbation, and F/f.


After they went through the rest of the items (which included a spanking paddle, a skimpy translucent negligee, and a pair of vibrating panties, among other things), Summer returned to her position just over Autumn's shoulder, leaning down to again aim her cleavage directly at the audience. "Well, that's our little presents laid out. It looks like we're going to have quite the evening," she said.

Autumn blew a kiss at the camera. "Thanks for all the fun, sexy stuff, you guys. Time for you to vote--who gets to use what first?" she asked, silently mouthing the word "bullet" and crossing her fingers when she was finished speaking.

Summer gave the viewers a few moments to type out their responses. One in particular caught her eye. "Hey, look at that. Looks like 'AutumnLover88' wants you to put the vibe in your panties…and give me the remote," she said, her voice practically dripping with sex. She turned her head to whisper into Autumn's ear, her breath hot against the redhead's neck. "I think that sounds good…don't you?" she half-whispered, flicking her tongue against Autumn's jawline for just a moment.

Autumn let out a brief whimper of need. "Yessss, Summer, I do…" she gasped, biting her lip as Summer gently traced kisses along the hollow of her neck. Autumn's fingers tightened on the armrests of the chair.

"Just one little change," Summer replied. "I think…that I should be the one to put the vibe in your panties." Summer's hand dropped to Autumn's lap, gliding along the pale, smooth skin of her inner thigh to just under the hem of the short skirt she wore. The chat window lit up with positive feedback at this suggestion.

"Oooh…" Autumn licked her lips. "Whatever you say, Summer."

Summer made a wordless sound of delight. She briefly pulled away from Autumn, greedily tearing open the vibrator's package. She opened the back of the remote and was pleased to see that it came with a pair of batteries installed. She cupped the small, pink, egg-shaped object in her palm for a moment, feeling its size and weight, before grasping it with her fingertips. Placing the bullet against Autumn's shoulder, she switched on the remote, hearing a very faint hum and feeling a gentle vibration in her hand.

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