Shrinking On the Job

Disgruntled employee Rachel turns the tables on her abusive Amazonian coworkers with the help of a magic trinket. Now, every time they belittle someone else, it comes back to them--literally!

Rachel likes her job, but she has one really big problem--her boss Karlie, and Karlie's assistant Taylor, like to make life around the office a living hell for Rachel and her girlfriend Lauren. They're especially fond of using their impressive statures to tease the petite Rachel. One day, Rachel finds a magical trinket that claims it can give the two domineering women a little perspective--and it works even better than advertised! Karlie and Taylor are about to have a very bad day at work, because every time they belittle someone, it comes back on them...literally!

Appx 23,000 words. Contains shrinking process, slow shrink, LOTS of shrinking out of clothes, humiliation, role reversal, F/f, height transfer, growth to Amazon, size change during sex. DOC, PDF, and EPUB formats.


"You're unbelievable!" Lauren cried. "I've got half a mind to call Karlie in here and tell her what you've been doing!"

"Oh yeah?" Taylor sneered. She put down the phone and lowered her feet off the desk, slipping them into her four-inch heels. She had a moment of trouble getting them on, as if they didn't fit quite right, but she soon stood up and marched over to Lauren's desk, leaning down over it and casting her shadow on the papers in front of Lauren. "Whose side do you think she'll take, shortie?"

Lauren narrowed her eyes, giving Taylor a death glare, but she said nothing. Taylor was delighted to see her cheeks flushing slightly.

"That's what I thought," Taylor said with a mocking grin. Another tingle ran down her back. "Oh my God, what the hell is going on? Are you doing that somehow?"

"Doing what?" Lauren snapped. "The only thing I'm doing is working."

Taylor leaned down closer to the desk, getting within Lauren's personal space. "You didn't mess with the AC or anything?"

Lauren pushed her chair irritably back from the desk and stood up. "I'm going to get some fresh air. I have to get out of this room for a few minutes." Hearing the hard edge in Lauren's voice, Taylor thought that she might have pushed her a little too close to the edge, so she decided to let Lauren leave…although not without a little intimidation to remind her of her place.

Taylor rose to her full height, staring down at Lauren across the desk. Something seemed just a little off to her, as if she wasn't looking quite as far down as she'd expected, but she shrugged it off. "Whatever. You'd better not be gone long. And you still need to have this done by the end of the day." She shuddered again. "Jesus! I'm turning up the heat in here." She stepped toward the office's thermostat, but stumbled on her way as her foot slipped in her heel, nearly coming out of the shoe. "Whoa!" Taylor caught herself on the desk, narrowly avoiding landing face-first on the floor.

Lauren chuckled softly at the sight, but when Taylor's head whipped angrily around, she darted out of the office.

Irritated by her near-fall and missing another opportunity to belittle Lauren, Taylor returned her attention to the thermostat. The temperature read 75 degrees, which was odd, as that normally wouldn't give her any chills. Shrugging, Taylor turned it up a few degrees and returned to her desk and her phone. Her heels shifted oddly on her feet as she did so, and she frowned in confusion at them. Setting her feet on the floor, she tried to adjust them to a more comfortable fit, but no matter what she did they seemed a bit loose. She finally resorted to tightening the straps, which mostly fixed the problem, although she had no idea how they'd gotten out of place to start with. Satisfied that they'd be fine, she slipped them off so she could prop her legs up on the desk again.

That also didn't feel quite right, however. She ended up rising from the chair and fiddling with its position a few times before finally settling back in. Even with the chair adjusted, she still felt like her legs were at the wrong angle, and she fidgeted every so often trying to get more comfortable. When she had to push the cuffs of her sleeves off her wrists, she thought nothing of it, and she didn't even notice that her black stockings were slightly bunched up on her feet, a small amount of fabric hanging loosely past her toes…

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