A World of His Own, Vol 1 & 2 combo

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Dean Miller was just your average, everyday guy who had never been especially lucky with women. But one fateful day, he awoke with the power to reshape reality at his whim...it's just a shame he didn't know it! Now, it seems like everywhere he goes, ordinary women are sprouting up into sex-starved Amazonian bombshells! What's a guy to do?

Features Amazons/mini-giantess, breast expansion, butt expansion, increased beauty, mental transformation, reality change, M/F and F/F sex. Contains DOC, EPUB, and PDF formats. Appx 13000 words.

See individual product pages for brief excerpts from the stories.

Volume 1: Shop S-Mart!

On a trip to a local grocery store, Dean runs into Samantha, a girl he knew back in high school. She hasn't changed much from the short, vaguely cute girl next door...but she's about to! And did she always have a twin sister?

Volume 2: Spring Break Sisters

Dean's looking to relax at an all-inclusive vacation resort, but when a group of sorority girls on spring break arrive, he's worried that they'll ruin his good time. Of course, that's before he realizes how sexy they are...or that they all seem to be interested in some "extracurricular activities" with him!

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