The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Audio & eBook bundle

Emma has a great relationship with Mark. But there's one problem--Mark always wants to be dominant in the bedroom, but Emma wants to know what it's like to be in charge for once. Things change drastically when Emma finds a magical trinket that puts her in control of Mark's body and mind. Mark is a big, strong, aggressive man--but by the time Emma is done with him, all of that will change!

This is an erotic tale of two lovers finding their roles reversed in the extreme! Contains M/F sex, M2F transformation, shrinking woman, lesbian sex, breast expansion, lactation, age regression, domination/submission, and mind control. Fun stuff! Appx 13,000 words; contains ebook DOC and audiobook MP3. Audio appx. 95 mins, read by Alandra Ivari.


"Well, you can't very well have both," Emma replied. "Well, I mean, you could, but then you'd be a hermaphrodite. Plus I'm not sure how many sex organs I can handle at once. As for how... Just a little bit of magic, Sir." Emma grinned mischievously. "Actually, maybe I should call you Ma'am, or Mistress."
Her remark seemed to snap Mark out of his shock somewhat. "What? What do you mean, magic? How did you do this to me?"
She pointed to the necklace around his throat. "It says so right there. 'I am yours.' You belong to me. I'm even wearing the half that says you're mine," she said with a laugh.
"What?!" he asked in shock, reaching up to tug at the necklace. He felt along the chain, intending to remove the jewelry, but he couldn't find the clasp.
She giggled. "No use messing with it. You can't take it off unless I say you can," she said, beaming at him. "The magic is powered by love and lust, so as soon as you agreed to wear it and I got you to orgasm once, you were bound by it. Your body is mine. I can make you into anything I want. I can even make some changes to my body as long as we're having sex, although it's a lot more limited." Emma stood, taking in her lover's new body. "And I think I did a great job changing you. Your tits might even be bigger than mine. I have great taste in women!" she said proudly.
"But...what? No! That's ridiculous! Magic isn't real!" he protested.
"Right. So then you spontaneously turned into a woman because of what? Have dinosaur scientists been experimenting with your DNA?" Emma said sarcastically.
"I...I..." he stammered, unable to formulate any kind of response. Finally, he changed subjects. "Am I stuck like this?"
She smiled slyly. "No. Unless I specify a longer time limit, any changes I make will wear off at the next sunrise. I mean, I can reverse them whenever I want, but I don't see why I should bother."
Mark frowned at her. "Why did you do this?" Despite the insanity of the situation, he found it kind of fascinating as well, and he half-consciously hefted one of his new breasts, testing its weight and feel.
Emma watched her lover in amusement. "You never let me be the dominant one. I thought maybe if you weren't the big, strong man, maybe you'd let me try it for a change." She smirked. "Besides, I did give you one last chance just before we got down to it. But no, you had to maintain your dominance. So now you're a woman until sunup, Mark." She raised an eyebrow. "We should really give you a more feminine name. Marcia? Marcie?" A grin split her face. "Marcie. I like that."
"Marcie" frowned. "You know, there's something you didn't think of," she said, slowly rising to her feet.
"Oh? What's that?" Emma asked, looking at her lover curiously.
"I may be a woman now, but 'Marcie' is still bigger and stronger than you," she said. She grabbed Emma by the shoulders, spun around so Emma's back was to the bed, and pushed the petite blonde down onto the mattress.
"Aw, come on!" Emma protested, but Marcie pinned her down, holding her wrists in place again as the big brunette forcefully kissed her. Marcie's tongue slid past Emma's lips and connected with her own, sending little shocks of pleasure up and down her spine.

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