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USD 3.00

A Few Small Suggestions

USD 2.99

Scale Model

USD 3.00

Interview with a Giantess

USD 3.00

Double Down

USD 3.00


USD 3.00

Curse of the Were-Giantess

USD 3.99

Shrinking on the Job 2: Workforce Reduction

USD 4.50

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Audio & eBook bundle

USD 6.00

Shrinking on the Job 1 & 2 Bundle

Parts 1 and 2 of "Shrinking on the Job" in a bundle! Save 14%!

USD 9.99

Small Print, Vol. 1

USD 2.99

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Audiobook

USD 15.00

Small Print, Vol. 1 (signed paperback)