Shrinking On the Job 3: Short Staffed

Rachel, Lauren, Karlie, and Taylor are back for more magical mishaps! Their sizes are now unstable, and they must learn to use magic rings to keep from shrinking out of control! But who's to say they can't have fun along the way?

EXCERPT: Rachel smiled faintly at Lauren. “Thanks. I feel a little bit better.” “You’ll feel a lot better tonight,” Lauren said, licking her lips. “Oh my God,” Taylor said with a scowl. “Can’t you two at least wait until you’re alone?” “After six weeks stuck as a midget, I’m in the mood to celebrate,” Lauren replied. Her breathing was unusually heavy, and she was giving Rachel an unmistakable look. “You, uh, look like you’re in the mood, all right,” Rachel replied teasingly. Then she frowned in concern, noticing Lauren’s eyes were unfocused. “Seriously, are you okay?” “Mmm…” Lauren moaned. “I’m better than okay. I feel...really good. In fact, I--oohhhhh…” All eyes in the room turned to Lauren as she let out a loud moan of obvious pleasure. Those eyes then went wide as she started to shrink. It was a subtle change at first, her head shifting slightly downward against the background of Rachel’s office. It became more obvious as it went on, her body sinking lower, her just-readjusted clothes becoming loose and baggy. The cardigan she wore slid from her shoulders first, shuffling swiftly down her arms and dropping to the floor, where her feet stumbled in suddenly loose heels. The straps of her top fell from her shoulders next, crawling slowly down her upper arms. The neck of her top sank lower and lower, wrinkling briefly atop her breasts before it slid down from them, taking her loosening bra with it. Lauren grasped at her freed breasts, toying with them as she continued to cry out in bliss. Her raised hands kept the straps of her top and bra crooked around her elbows, though her expanding garments hung to her belly anyway. Her skirt quickly grew too large for her hips, caressing her legs on its way to the floor, puddling around heels that looked comically oversized against her still-shrinking feet. Her panties hung on for a few moments longer, but shortly they joined her skirt on the carpet. One of her hands dropped swiftly down her belly and slipped in between her legs; her moans, already increasing in pitch, went a little bit higher as her touch jolted her into a frenzy. The straps slid down that arm, leaving her top and bra hanging uselessly down alongside her, dangling from one elbow. She shrank and shrank, her feet spreading further apart as her heels remained stationary, until eventually she was on the verge of losing her balance. Without stopping her orgasmic ministrations, she lifted her left foot out of her heel and brought it closer to her right leg, trying to put both feet into the one oversized shoe. She was still a bit too big for that, however, and she finally did lose her balance, toppling to the floor atop her gigantic clothes. She landed on her butt with a thump, but it didn’t jar her out of whatever sensual loop she was caught in. She was still shrinking, albeit slowly, and the sensations seemed to be tied to that somehow. She slipped two fingers inside herself and wailed in ecstasy, rolling around atop her own huge panties as she climaxed. Her shrinking slowed further and stopped, leaving her flushed, sweaty, and panting in the middle of the floor...and roughly two feet tall.

 This story contains shrinking, growth, shrunken woman, giantess, sex, loose/baggy clothes, shrinking out of clothes, half size, doll size, handheld, masturbation, F/f, M/f, and threesome content. Appx. 37,000 words. Includes DOCX, PDF, and EPUB formats.

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