Interview with a Giantess

When she was offered the chance to write a feature story for an online magazine, Raven couldn't pass up the chance, even if she'd have to interview a "professional giantess" to get the job done. Though she's initially skeptical, it doesn't take Raven long to discover that she just might be into size play--and that GianTESSA's role play might be stranger than fiction!

F/f, shrinking out of clothes, slow shrink, masturbation, Dom/sub play. Appx 9500 words. Contains DOC, EPUB, and PDF formats, as well as a hi-res cover image.


“Honestly, though, it’s ninety percent attitude; people come in here with an open mind and wanting me to be their giantess, so it usually isn’t too hard to convince them. I mean, if you really wanted to believe I was a giantess and you were a tiny little thing, it wouldn’t be too hard for you, would it, Raven?”
“No, Mistre--um, no. I don’t think it would be that hard. People will believe what they want to believe,” Raven replied. Her heart was starting to pound; Tessa projected a commanding presence that made her seem larger than life, and combined with the big chair, she now looked considerably bigger than when she had introduced herself. Raven took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves, and she fanned herself with her loose camisole. She licked her suddenly dry lips before flicking her eyes down at the notepad for the next question. “So, how did you get into this, anyway? How did you discover this whole size fetish thing?”
“Well, as you pointed out, I'm a bit on the petite side,” Tessa replied. “So, for a time in my life, people would ignore me or push me around.”
Raven stared, wide-eyed. To her, Tessa radiated confidence and control; she seemed far more imposing than her height would suggest. I can't imagine anyone ignoring her. She said nothing, however, as it would have been rude to interrupt the Mistress.
“Eventually, I grew tired of it, and I took steps to be more assertive in my personal and professional life. That led me to realize that I quite enjoyed being in charge, especially in the bedroom,” Tessa continued. “That's how I became Mistress Tessa. One day, one of my clients told me his dirty little secret: he fantasized about me being enormous, and towering over his tiny body. He said he pictured being the size of a mouse beneath me, gazing up at a goddess the size of a skyscraper who could easily crush him if she so chose…”
Vivid mental pictures sprang unbidden into Raven's mind. She saw herself, no larger than a doll, staring skyward at the impossibly huge body of the Mistress. It was also easy to imagine what Tessa would look like naked, not that it diminished her authority in any way. Raven felt a warmth in her core and a wetness between her thighs; she fidgeted in the chair, feeling her jeans shifting oddly around her waist. The back of her leg itched; she lifted the loose, baggy cuff of her jeans with her foot and rubbed the itch, feeling her sock sliding oddly around her foot.
Belatedly, she realized that Tessa had stopped talking and was looking at her expectantly. “Hmm?” she said, feeling embarrassed. “I'm sorry, could you repeat that?”
Tessa shook her head. “Tsk, tsk. Not paying attention, eh? How naughty of you.”
A tingle shot down Raven's spine at Tessa’s words. “Sorry, Mistress.” She felt her face flushing. “Er, Tessa. It won't happen again. What was that last thing you said?”
“Well, you asked me when and how I got into size kink. I'm asking you the same question.”
“M-me?” Raven stammered. She absently pulled her cami and shirt back up from where they'd slipped down one shoulder. “I'm... Uh, I'm not really into that.”
In the next heartbeat, Tessa was out of her chair and standing in front of Raven. The Mistress put her hands on the arms of Raven's chair, effectively trapping the reporter, and she leaned over Raven, a wolfish smile on her face. “You're not? So picturing yourself as a tiny little thing, helpless and at the mercy of a giant, doesn't do anything for you?”
Raven's heart pounded, and a powerful shudder of lust rocked her body. She looked up--up?--at Tessa’s grinning face above her. It was amazing how much taller their relative positions made her seem. She's an Amazon… “Um...I've never really considered it,” Raven said at last, swallowing nervously. She fidgeted in her seat--her jeans and panties felt bunched and uncomfortable. Not to mention soaking wet.

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