Shrinking on the Job 1 & 2 Bundle

Parts 1 and 2 of "Shrinking on the Job" in a bundle! Save 14%!

Follow along on two sexy shrinking adventures starring beleaguered office drone Rachel, her girlfriend Lauren, and their bitchy Amazonian coworkers Karlie and Taylor!

Two ebooks jam-packed with shrinking woman sexiness!

The original "Shrinking on the Job" follows Rachel, who has to put up with the nasty, domineering attitude of her boss Karlie (and her office pet Taylor), who never misses a chance to lord her towering stature over the petite Rachel and her girlfriend Lauren. But when Rachel acquires a magic necklace that will let her bring Karlie and Taylor down a peg--literally--their cruelty backfires on them!

The sequel picks up a year later. Things are going great for Rachel and Lauren...until the magic necklace goes out of control! First the girls shrink out of their fancy dresses at an expensive restaurant, and then it's mayhem at the office as the uncontrollable shrinking starts to spread! Can Rachel put a stop to it before the company has to relocate to Lilliput?

25,000 and 28,000 words. Contains tons of slow shrinking out of clothes, public nudity, humiliation, baggy clothes, role reversal, F/f, M/f, D/s, unaware shrinking, mini-SW, doll size, toy size, and even some growth/Amazon/mini-GTS to spice things up. Bundle includes both stories in DOC, PDF, and EPUB format, as well as hi-res images of both covers. See individual product pages or DeviantArt for excerpts!

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