Rising Seniors

Amanda and Natalie have BIG plans for their senior prank!

Amanda and Natalie don't approve of the dull, uninspired senior prank their classmates are planning, so they come up with their own: dosing an unpopular teacher with a new energy drink that's supposed to have embarrassingly orgasmic effects. However, when their teacher suddenly sprouts up into a busty, twenty-five-foot giantess, Amanda decides she's just gotta try it out for herself. At first it's all fun and games, but what happens when the power starts to go to her head? This story contains growth, slow growth, mini giantess, giantess, mega giantess, destruction, female masturbation, F/F, growth out of clothes, breast expansion, and more! Appx 23,000 words. This product includes DOC, PDF, and EPUB formats, and also comes with three full-color growth pinups and a no-text version of the cover image!

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